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"And who knows but that you have come to this position for such a time as this?" –Esther 4:14

good news! January 7, 2012

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We have a heartbeat!!   We saw our little peanut on the ultrasound.  SO excited (and relieved)! 

I go in for more testing tomorrow to determine if I need to go on the hormone progesterone.  I hear it’s quite common although I’ve never needed that before.

To be honest, I have way too many emotions going on right now.  (Are they sure I need more hormone???)  😉

I feel at peace, though.  And I will do whatever it takes to help the baby. 


One Response to “good news!”

  1. Lilly Says:

    When I miscarried November 2004, we didn’t get to see the baby’s heartbeat. I couldn’t understand what happened to her. When I got pregnant with my son Tien, I knew from the moment I heard his heartbeat trolloping that he was going to be born into this world alive and healthy. Hearing Tien’s heartbeat made me understand what happened in my first pregnancy. May your heart always feel full….

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